Welcome to the Mid-States Rodeo Association!

The M-SRA was established in 1974 and has a membership of nearly 500 cowboys and cowgirls from Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas. The primary purpose of the M-SRA is to promote good will and closer cooperation and relationships among stock contractors, contestants, committees, spectators, and everyone involved in the sport of rodeo. Members compete in over 50 rodeos throughout the summer to qualify for the M-SRA Finals.

M-SRA Shortlist as of May 8, 2021
DateRodeoApprovedEntry Date
May 29thGreeley NE (Rough Stock Only)OPEN/M-SRAMay 17-28
June 4-5Tekamah NEIRA/URA/M-SRAMay-23
June 5thJohnstown, NE (Rough Stock Only)OPEN/M-SRAMay 24-June 4
June 11-12Plainville KSKPRA/NSRA/M-SRATBA
June 11-12Clarkson NEM-SRA/WCRAJune-1
June 16thBassett, NE (Rough Stock Only)OPEN/M-SRAJune 1- June 15
June 18-19Overton NENSRA/M-SRA/KPRAJune-9
June 18-19Estelline SDMRA/NRCA/M-SRAJune-14
June 18-20Wolbach NE M-SRA/WCRA/NSRAJune-8
June 28-29Bertrand NENSRA/M-SRA/KPRAJune-23
June 25-27Clearwater NEM-SRA/WCRA/NSRAJune-15
Jun 25 & 27Callaway NENSRA/M-SRA/KPRAJune-16
June 25-26Wisner NEM-SRA/WCRAJune-15
June 25-26Irene SDSDRA/MRA/NRCA/M-SRAJune-21
 Gothenburg NE  
July 3-4Sutherland NENSRA/M-SRA/KPRAJune-23
July 3-4Whiting IAIRA/M-SRA/IRCAJune-21
July 3-4Interior SDSDRA/M-SRAJune-28
 Alliance NE  
July 7-9Madison NEM-SRA/WCRA/NSRAJune-29
July 9-10Concordia KS TBA
July 9-10McCracken KSKPRA/M-SRAJuly-5
July 9-10Fremont NEIRA/URA/M-SRAJune-30
July 9-10Woodbine IAIRA/IRCA/URA/M-SRAJune-26
July 12-13Nelson NEM-SRA/WCRA/NSRA/KPRAJuly-6
 Beaver City NE  
July 16-17O’Neill NEM-SRA/WCRA/NSRAJuly-6
July 16-17Lexington NENSRA/M-SRA/KPRAJuly-7
July 17-18Greeley NEM-SRA/WCRA/NSRAJuly-6
July 17-18Geddes SDSDRA/NRCA/NSRA/M-SRAJuly-12
July 21st Benkelman NENSRA/M-SRA/KPRATBA
July 22ndMissouri Valley IAIRA/M-SRA/IRCAJuly-12
July 22-24Bladen NEKPRA/NSRA/M-SRAJuly-19
July 23rdThedford NENSRA/M-SRAJuly-14
July 24thNorth Platte NE (Rough Stock Only)OPEN/M-SRAJuly 12-23
 Gordon NE  
July 23-24Syracuse NETBAJuly-13
July 24-25McCook NENSRA/M-SRAJuly-7
July 23-25Winner SDSDRA/NRCA/M-SRA/NSRAJuly-19
July 31stClearwater NE (Rough Stock Only)OPEN/M-SRAJuly 19-30
July 31-August 1stArlington NEM-SRA/WCRA/IRA/URAJuly-20
August 6-7Springfield NEM-SRA/WCRAJuly-27
August 6-7Bartlett NEM-SRA/WCRA/NSRAJuly-27
August 8thStockville NENSRA/MSRA/KPRAAugust-4
August 12-13Chambers NEM-SRA/WCRA/NSRAAugust-3
August 13-14Valentine NENSRA/M-SRA/NRCA/OPENAugust-4
August 14thCrawford NE (Broncs Only)OPEN/M-SRAAugust 1-13
 Arthur NE  
August 14-15Scotland SDSDRA/M-SRA/NRCA/MRAAugust-9
August 14-15Martin SDSDRA/M-SRA/NSRA/NRCAAugust-9
August 15thHyannis NENSRA/M-SRATBA
 Stapleton NE  
August 21-22White River SDSDRA/M-SRA/NRCA/NSRAAugust-16
August 21-22Norden NEM-SRA/WCRA/NSRA/OPENAugust-10
 Pleasanton NE  
September 4-5Wagner SDSDRA/M-SRA/NRCA August-30
September 4-6Johnstown NEM-SRA/WCRA/NSRA/NRCA/OPENAugust-24
September 17-19M-SRA Finals, Broken Bow NEM-SRA/WCRASeptember 8th