Welcome to the Mid-States Rodeo Association!

The M-SRA was established in 1974 and has a membership of nearly 500 cowboys and cowgirls from Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas. The primary purpose of the M-SRA is to promote good will and closer cooperation and relationships among stock contractors, contestants, committees, spectators, and everyone involved in the sport of rodeo. Members compete in over 50 rodeos throughout the summer to qualify for the M-SRA Finals.

M-SRA Shortlist as of April 22, 2021
DateRodeoApprovedEntry Date
March 12-13McCook KPRA Membership RodeoKPRA/NSRA/M-SRAMarch 12-13
May 29thNebraska’s Roughtest RodeoOPEN/M-SRAMay 17-28
June 4-5Hoot Gibson Memorial RodeoIRA/URA/M-SRA5/23/21
June 11-12Clarkson RodeoM-SRA6/1/21
June 11-12Plainville RodeoKPRA/NSRA/M-SRATBA
June 15thNebraska’s Roughtest RodeoOPEN/M-SRAMay 24-June 4
June 16thSandhills Ranch expo Roughstock ChallengeOPEN/M-SRAJune 1-15
June 18-19Overton RodeoNSRA/M-SRA/KPRA6/9/21
June 18-19Estelline Rodeo DaysMRA/NRCA/M-SRA6/14/21
June 18-19Gove County RodeoKPRA/M-SRA/NSRA/Others pendingTBA
June 18-20Wolbach RodeoM-SRA/WCRA/NSRA6/8/21
June 25 & 27Seven Valleys RodeoNSRA/M-SRA/KPRA6/16/21
June 25-26Irene RodeoSDRA/M-SRA/MRA/NRCA6/21/21
June 25-26Wisner Lions Club RodeoM-SRA/WCRATBA
June 25-27Clearwater Chamber of Commerce RodeoM-SRA/NSRA6/15/21
July 1-2Stuart RodeoNSRA/M-SRA/OPENTBA
July 3-4Whiting Rodeo Assoc & Saddle Club RodeoIRA/M-SRA/IRCA6/21/21
July 3-4Interior Frontier Days RodeoSDRA/M-SRA/NRCA6/28/21
July 7-9Madison County RodeoM-SRA/NSRA6/29/21
July 9-10Woodbine Saddle Club RodeoIRA/URA/M-SRA6/26/21
July 9-10John C Fremont DaysURA/IRA/M-SRA6/30/21
July 9-10McCracken RodeoKPRA/NSRA/M-SRATBA
July 9-10NCK Western RidersCPRA/M-SRATBA
July 12-13Nuckolls County Fair & RodeoM/-SRA/NSRA/KPRA/URA7/6/21
July 13-14Ellis County FairKPRA/NSRA/M-SRA/Others PendingTBA
July 16-17O’Neill Summerfest RodeoM-SRA/NSRA7/6/21
July 16-17Dawson Co Fair RodeoNSRA/M-SRA/KPRA7/7/21
July 17-18Greeley RodeoM-SRA/NSRA7/6/21
July 17-18Geddes Saddle Club RodeoSDRA/NRCA/M-SRA/NSRA7/12/21
July 21stDundy County Fair & RodeoNSRA/M-SRA/KPRA/CPRATBA
July 22ndHarrison Co Fair & RodeoIRA/URA/M-SRA7/12/21
July 22-23Webster County Fair RodeoKPRA/NSRA/M-SRA7/19/21
July 23rdThedford RodeoNSRA/M-SRA7/14/21
July 24thNebraska’s Roughtest RodeoOPEN/M-SRAJuly 12-23
July 23-24Syracuse Rodeo 7/13/21
July 23-25Winner Elks Annual Life Scape Benefit RodeoSDRA/NRCA/M-SRA/NSRA7/19/21
July 24-25Red Willow CountyNSRA/M-SRA/KPRA7/7/21
July 31stNebraska’s Roughtest RodeoOPEN/M-SRAJuly 19-30
July 31 & Aug 1Washington County Fair RodeoM-SRA/IRA7/20/21
August 6-7Wheeler Co Fair & RodeoM-SRA/NSRA7/27/21
August 6-7Sarpy CountyM-SRA7/27/21
August 8thFrontier County Fair TBA
August 12-13Holt County FairM-SRA/NSRA8/3/21
August 13-14Cherry Co Fair & RodeoNSRA/M-SRA/NRCA/OPEN8/4/21
August 14thBroncs in the ButtesOPEN/M-SRAAugust 1-13
August 14-15Scottie StampedeSDRA/M-SRA/NRCA/MRA8/9/21
August 15thGrant Co Fair & RodeoNSRA/M-SRATBA
August 21-22Keya Paha County Fair & RodeoM-SRA/NSRA/OPEN9/10/21
August 21-22White River Frontier DaysSDRA/M-SRA/NSRA/NRCA9/16/21
September 4-5Wagner Labor Day RodeoSDRA/M-SRA9/30/21